There are very particular types of people my approach really works great for.

Check out these scenarios below to see if any of them sound familiar to you.

  • Things were going really great for you when you got started reading about spirituality, but then you hit a wall. Your meditation practice isn’t working and you are feeling all of these uncomfortable emotions much of the time. This isn’t what you signed up for.
  • You just got back from a big spiritual event where you felt so connected to the other people, but as time passes the insights and feelings of connection fade from being part of your experience to just a memory. You try the practices to recreate the state, but it isn’t working, and perhaps even worse is that you feel really alone. 
  • You eagerly start reading about another new spiritual teacher, and yet you have a nagging thought that that doing all of these on-line courses has never filled some deep yearning inside you. You wonder why am I still seeking? When will you ever find what you have been looking for?
  • You started on a spiritual path because you wanted to have a spiritual awakening, but you feel stuck and don’t experience yourself living the territory that you know intellectually. You have read dozens of books and know the stuff intellectually inside out. However, you haven’t had an awakening yet. It is really frustrating!
  • You may have grown up attending religious services, but the idea of going back to church just doesn’t feel resonant for you anymore. You get that there is more than just this physical world but you aren’t sure where to turn and how to learn more. There are so many different spiritual paths. Where would I even start?

Overall, my approach works best for adults who have engaged with a spiritual practice and perhaps even more than one spiritual path, and are open to being real with themselves or others, and at times being with uncomfortable feelings.

Does this sound like you?

If so, I am confident that I could help guide you with taking the next steps toward your wholeness and spiritual awakening.

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