Sometimes we can hit a wall or get stuck in our spiritual path. It can be so frustrating when the things that used to work for us are no longer yielding the progress we wanted.

At some point, it sinks in that “more of the same” will lead to the same result. Ugh.

You may feel like things are hopeless and may even give up on your practices altogether. It’s not like this was working anyway. Why is this not working anymore?!?

You may try to switch things up by watching YouTube videos or reading the blogs of some famous spiritual teachers.

What they are suggesting makes sense and you get some good insights, but how does all of this relate to what is specifically happening for you? General spiritual wisdom just isn’t cutting it anymore. Sigh.

The truth is that there are some points in our spiritual path where we need individual attention. It is natural for practices to lose their juice at times for a range of reasons. None of this means that something is wrong with you or that you have done something wrong.

My experience is that these difficult stretches can be a pivotal opportunity to take things even deeper and that the supposed detours are actually blinking neon lights showing us the next steps to take even if the opposite feels true.

What I offer through individual sessions is to be your guide to help you find your next steps. I truly believe that the spiritual wisdom and connection we seek is within each of us.

It can be hard though at times to find this by ourselves, and there is absolutely no reason to try to do it all alone. Allowing yourself to receive support and guidance from others while you further develop your own knowing can be a spiritual practice itself.

Working one-on-one can cover topics such as

  • How spiritual wisdom can fill you with expectations that interfere with your spiritual path, and how to return to your inner wisdom.
  • The myth that challenging emotions are incompatible with spiritual progress, and how to use them to awaken.
  • The secret to working with your ego, and why it was never really a problem anyway.
  • Common misunderstandings about Awakening and being spiritual, and how to become more of your full self through embracing the “non-spiritual” parts.

Each one-on-one session is one hour and costs 75 $. They can be conducted in person, by phone, or over Skype (or another video chat-based program).

(If needed, a sliding scale available to 50 $ since having this work be accessible to people with a broad range of financial situations is very important to me).

Since the changes can often be subtle and take time become grounded in your experience, I strongly encourage working together for 3 to 4 sessions per month for at least three months.

If you would like to explore this further, please fill out the form below to send me a message and schedule a free introductory call to explore working together.