You know how all of the ingredients for a soup may taste terrible individually, but make something awesome when put together. My principles are kind of like that.

Although to be fair, they can be pretty powerful by themselves too, unlike eating a bowl full of a single spice which would be totally gross.  

The spiritual path isn't always easy and can sometimes be really elusive. That is why I want to make my principles visible to you, so you can see what can guide you on the next steps in your path.

  • Limitlessness – A key component of a spiritual awakening is to have an unshakeable knowledge of the dimension of yourself that is timeless, formless, and beyond limits. This makes it so much easier to handle the ups and downs of life and intense emotions. Standing on top of a huge rock is so much more solid than standing on sand that is constantly shifting underneath your feet.
  • Limitedness – Allowing the human dimension of you to be to be imperfect, finite, and messy can be so relaxing and freeing. This can be so critical on your spiritual path because it allows you to relax with "what is" rather than striving for some imaginary ideal of how things should be.
  • Embodiment – Instead of viewing spiritual growth solely as a way to get up and out of our body, a key part of spiritual growth is becoming more deeply embodied in your spiritual form. This can involve integrating and healing different parts of the body when energy or old emotions are stuck. If you are One with All, that would include your body too, right?
  • Witnessing – Even though there a million ways in our culture to connect with others, most of these connections are pretty shallow. It's rare in this culture to be seen for you you really are. This may even be true in spiritual circles when people try to come across as "spiritual" instead of being authentic. If you are going to awaken to all of yourself, you need other people to mirror your fullness back to you, warts and all.
  • Interconnection – While we are all unique, none of us exist as an island. We are constantly impacting and being impacted by those around us in our work environments, family, and friendships. A key step toward awakening can be gaining the fundamental knowing that there is no fundamental separation between yourself and others.
  • Ancestors - Each of us comes from an almost countless number of ancestors. Gaining a deeper spiritual connection with them can reconnect you with this dimension of your fullness and bring you a new source of belonging, love, and support. Acting like you are doing this all by yourself is kind of like being part of a relay race that stretches back millennia while acting like you are in the only person in the race. It doesn't really make any sense, right?

These principles work in a synergistic way to help you be in deeper alignment with your spiritual path and feel like you are making
progress again. 

Does this resonate for you?

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