You don't need to give up on the hope of have a spiritual Awakening this lifetime. 

You might want to be peaceful, compassionate, and centered at all times, just like the enlightened spiritual teachers you have heard about.

But, if you are honest with yourself, sometimes that may be the opposite of how you feel and act. You may at times feel, well, like a mess.

You feel like you should be doing your spiritual practices every day, but may feel stuck or have even given up on them completely.

You may feel painfully alone on your spiritual path. Or, perhaps you attend these big events that feel great but then your spiritual high fades and you are back to your regular life with no one who really gets all of you. Ouch.

If you have experienced any of these things, I so get it. I have too.

Feeling stuck, lonely, or uncomfortable on your spiritual path does not mean something is wrong with you. Actually, these challenges can be so helpful for guiding you toward a spiritual awakening.


Hi, I'm Elijah Petersen, Ph.D.

As a spiritual teacher and a shamanic practitioner, I have helped hundreds of people progress on their spiritual paths since 2013.

Even though the challenges on a spiritual path can feel insurmountable at times, it is possible to increasingly grow more connected, compassionate, and centered, and even to have a spiritual Awakening.

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