About me

As a spiritual teacher in Trillium Awakening and a shamanic practitioner, I have helped hundreds of people progress on their spiritual paths since 2013.

I graduated from the Gestalt Institute of Ann Arbor in 2009 and am an award-winning scholar for a paper related to Ken Wilber’s integral theory. I received a PhD in environmental engineering and a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and currently work as an environmental scientist in the Washington D.C. Area. 

Supporting people in their spiritual growth and development energizes and nourishes me and helps me fulfill my purpose of bringing more wholeness, sustainability, and love in the world.

wedding photo

Fun facts

  • My first job consisted of me pulling a red wagon along a recycling route throughout his neighborhood as a kid. That was back in the good old days when you actually got paid a small amount to recycle.
  • While I’m not normally all that spontaneous, I got married with 48 hours advance notice in Denmark, which apparently is kind of like the Las Vegas of Europe. The picture above is from the morning of the wedding.
  • I am unreasonably stoked to be using community solar to power my house. Next up on the wish list is an electric car.
  • I became a vegetarian at age 25 after reading a book by integral philosopher Ken Wilber. With my wife’s, ahem, encouragement, I am now almost completely a vegan.